JUNE 29 – 30, 2024

We spend a lot of time enjoying our local trails and it is equally important to ensure we spend time caring for those trails. We are kicking off our 2024 TTC season of trail work in the best way we know how – WITH LOVE (and sweat, and rakes, and loppers, and mcleods, and work gloves!)


Record 500 hours of trail work in one weekend! If every coach and student-athlete were to participate that would be about 1 3/4 hr each. 


Contact and organize with your local trail organization or trail steward to plan a trail day on June 29th and/or 30th. (You can participate in an already planned work day or plan your own day. Coordinate with the trail boss so you ensure you are working when and where they need). 

Have an awesome day ensuring your trails are in great shape. Learn some new skills. Maybe you’ll get first tracks on a new feature or trail change!

Record your hours in Pit Zone.


Connect with your local trail organiation and let them know you want to know when they are planning trail work days throughout the year.

Adopt a section(s) of trail. Weedeat, clear debris, leaf blow (if permitteed). You can do this as a team, a family, a group of friends. Pick a mile or two and let your trail steward know (they may do a happy dance)!

Keep recording your trail hours in Pit Zone!

Win TTC awards at the State Championship – Race #5!

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR YOUR TRAIL LOVE ’24 AWESOME BOX! (This will be sent to Head Coaches) 

Trail acess is a privilege and not a right. Local trails are often designed, built, paid for, and maintained by clubs and everyday riders like you! Let’s show that we understand how hard others have worked to ensure we have trails to ride. Be part of the long tradition of digging and riding!

Questions? Contact TTC Coordinator Vince Carman by emailing