Join the Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio NICA Leagues for an amazing weekend of riding in Brown County, Indiana! 

DAY: JUNE 8, 2024 (Saturday)

TIME: 9 am – 5 pm

COST: $20 per family ($30 with primitive camping)

Why Adventure?

Adventure focuses on skills beyond practice and the racecourse. Riders will learn how to:

  • read a trail map
  • select trails that suit their ride style and desired ride time
  • find a trailhead
  • plan proper hydration and nutrition for a day of riding
  • decision making around types of features to ride when on back country trails vs front country trails
  • look out for one another when making important ride decisions

…and other skills that will help riders make better decsions as they get older ride trails wihtout adult supervision.

What you’ll be doing:

Riding with your team

Check out the new KICL slow skills area

Games (you’ll need a coach who likes having cheeseballs tossed at their head)

GRiT Ride

MOB (moms on bikes) Ride

Mini Bike Rubber Chicken Relay

…and more!

GRiT Ride: Saturday 2pm (Leaves from the North Gate Trailhead/Parking Lot)

All girls are invited to join Jen for a GRiT Ride on Saturday at 2pm. NICA is making a concentrated effort to increase the number of girls and female coaches in NICA programs by focusing on creating a more welcoming environment for girls to join through girls-only rides such as this event. Spend some quality time on the bike with other like-minded girls!

MOB Ride: Saturday 2pm (Leaves from the North Gate Trailhead/Parking Lot)

Join the MOB… Moms on Bikes… for a group ride with Denile on Saturday at 2pm. Want to try out the trail but aren’t certain about your skill level, fitness level, or overall confidence level? Maybe you think trail riding is for kids and dudes. Maybe you have had a rough introduction to trail riding and got hurt or just didn’t have fun. Then a MOB ride is for you. Grab your bike, borrow a bike, steal your kids bike… we don’t care, just come play bikes! We will talk about what to expect before we head off into the woods. And nope, you are not the slowest rider, and if you are, who cares? We don’t. We will stop – a lot! We like to chat, smash snackies, and stare off into the trees while we think about riding away into the sunset… we get a little carried away. This is a 2-ish mile, friendly loop.  That means no big climbs, no big roots or rocks, but loads of fun. We didn’t say you may not find some challenges, but nothing we can’t conquer together. You don’t need to be a mom to ride. We take aunties, grannies, and crazy coustins too. Super Riders (“experienced riders” doesn’t sound as cool) who want to have some fun hang time with the gals are also welcome to mingle and sweep.

Mini Bike Rubber Chicken Relay: 4pm (Rally Campground) – Sponosred by Radical Custome Cycling Appaarel

Sign up your four person relay team at the Registration tent by 2pm. All teams must have 1 coach, 1 female, and 1 middle school rider. 16 teams will participate in elimination brackets. Mini bikes & rubber chickens provided. This is a grass course no longer than 1/4 mile. Start practicing with your rubber chicken hand-offs today!


1.) We welcome and encourage families to camp with the group in Rally Group Campground with tents or camper vans for $10/camping spot. Please note, this area is “primitive camping” with no water hookups or electric and does NOT accommodate larger RVs. Pit toilets available.

2.) There are a very limited number of camping spaces reserved for Rally Camping. These spaces will go fast. Once these spaces are filled, you may reserve your own site by clicking here: Brown County State Park.

3.) VERY IMPORTANT: The North Gate Covered bridge does NOT have clearance for roof racks! You must use the West Gate entrance.

4.) Bring the family! Trails are open to the public so families with kids under NICA age may enjoy the trails but will not be permitted to ride with teams. Parents can sign a waiver at the registration table if you would like to ride with the team.

5.) Head Coaches/Team Directors can check in teams from 9am to 11am on Saturday.

6.) Riding can begin at 9:30am and all teams must be off the trail checked out (at Registration) by 5:00pm.

7.) Pack it In/Pack it Out.